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Checklist For Contractor

Posted on October 9, 2010 by

When hiring a contractor to replace your existing furnace and/or air conditioner, one would love to think all that’s necessary is finding the cheapest person to do the job, inviting them into your house, signing an expensive contract, and simply letting them do it.  Sure, they might roll up to your house with a furnace bungee-corded to the hood of their LeBaron, (it’s obviously a fashion trend amongst us) that shouldn’t mean they won’t do a top-notch job. 

Or maybe the exact opposite occurred; you might have dealt with fifteen different salespeople with ultra-white piano keys for teeth and permanent tans all with high-gloss literature showing you that you’re in good hands.  Surely, having all that pomp and circumstance means they do top-notch jobs… 

Then they get to work and one day later: voila! They turn your thermostat to “Cool” or “Heat” and the new system obliges; everything must be perfect…right?  Don’t rely solely on your keen sense of awareness after witnessing your contractor put on a flak jacket and utter a prayer to the HVAC Gods.  Here is a checklist for success so you don’t get scammed out of protecting your new investment.   Don’t miss out on the many rebate programs available to the homeowner who upgrades to a qualifying high-efficiency system.

Checklist for air conditioner/ furnace replacement

–  Proof that a permit was filed with the City or County Building Department.  Must show valid permit number and sign-off card. Permit is required per State Law (Business and Professions Code Section 7110 & 7090), the State Contractors License Board, and (typically) local County regulations

–  Verification of completed pre-test for duct continuity (this prevents “surprises” and additional unanticipated expenses

–  Verification of completed and passing final HERS testing (CF-4R)

–  Supply and return vents sealed with UL-181 compliant sealant/tape.

–  AHRI certificates verifying the equipment installed “qualifies for the Federal Tax Credit”.

–  Verification that old equipment was delivered to State registered recycler (Recycler receipt must have identification number)

–  Successful permit final inspection signature from County Inspector.

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